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The aim of this website is to provide information to plan an expedition in to the Scottish mountains. To achieve this I have descriptions of each mountain in terms of it's location and the usual route to gain the summit.
I have a comprehensive database of routes. My aim with the routes is not to give incredibly detailed information; I aim to give enough information to plan your route only, not enough information to execute it. To execute a route all you will need is the appropriate OS (or similar) map to complement my resources.
When you are travelling for a week to a part of Scotland, I want you to be able to print out the routes for that area and armed with the current forecast, plan what you are going to do for the week. My routes give a summary of how difficult the route is in terms of how arduous (length and height gain) it is, how you could extend / shorten the route, and how difficult the navigation / route-finding is going to be in poor visibility. I want you to be able to compare different routes depending on if you want an easy or hard day, if it's going to be wall-to-wall sunshine or tipping it down, and how much time you have.
My routes are consequently geared for this purpose, I won't give you step-by-step instruction on a fixed rigid route with compass-bearings for each step. Firstly, I believe that an expedition on to a mountain needs to be flexible, too many people run in to problems because they refuse to be flexible, it is vital that you are able to adapt your plans to changing conditions. Secondly, you are responsible for your own safety, if you can't take your own compass bearings then you shouldn't be on the mountain in the first place; it is very simple to do, make a point of learning how to do it! My information is there to complement OS (or similar) maps, not to replace them.
I have concentrated on giving the site a clean accessible design, the intended focus of each page should be obvious; there is a lot of information here, it needs to be easy to find quickly. If you find this site helpful, please tell everybody about it and link to me if you have your own web presence.
On a more personal note, and as you have probably guessed, this site was developed by one individual. I have a full time job and I have written this in my spare time. I have been been walking mountains for 20 years, I have walked mountains in Wales, Scotland and England. Further afield I have also been walking in France, Switzerland, and Italy, taking in several 4000m peaks including Mont Blanc. If you're looking for another challenge after completing the Munros, the 4000m peaks of the Alps would be a worthy challenge!
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