Monadh Mor and Beinn Bhrotain from Linn of Dee.

20.1 miles, 1169 metres of ascent
Estimated time: 8h45m
This route takes in two remote Munros. They don't attract the same crowds as the ever popular Ben Macdui/Cairngorm mountain. They're not as high as the Braeriach ridge either, so you will usually have the mountains to yourself.
Start from the public car park at NO 063897, go West along the valley bottom until you get to the 'White Bridge' over the River Dee at 018885. It is possible to cycle up to this point, but you should leave your bike here as you will shortly be branching away from the valley bottom.Continue along the track, and follow it northwards until you get to the vicinity of 996903. Somewhere around this area you want to look to branch away up the ridge over Carn Fiaclach. Follow this ridge up over Carn Fiaclach and Carn Cloch-mhuilinn until you make it to the summit of Beinn Bhrotain(4h). There is a slightly lower summit to the West, make sure you find the East summit!
From here drop down to the North-West until you get to the col at 947928 at 975m.Go straight up the other side to get to the summit of Monadh Mor(4h45m), the summit plateau is quite wide and open, but you shouldn't have too many problems in finding the summit. There is a lower summit to the South, there is a scant path that bypasses this summit. From here you have a couple of choices on your return route, but either way you will need to drop back down to the col at 947928. You can then either make a re-ascent of Beinn Bhrotain, or even skirt round the side. The other alternative is to drop straight down Northwards to Glen Geusachan, but this does leave you quite a tough walk round the bottom of Beinn Bhrotain along the River Dee. Eventually though you will pick up the track again. Whichever way down you choose, make your way back the same way you came out over the 'White Bridge' until you get back to Linn of Dee.
This route covers two fairly remote Munro's, and unless you stay at Corrour Bothy there isn't really a nicer route to cover both of them without making it in to a really long day. Cycling at least part of the way will take away a little of the tedium of the long walk-in/walk-out!
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