Braeriach plateau plus extras from Corrour Bothy

15.8 miles, 2058 metres of ascent
Estimated time: 8h45m
This route takes in some of the highest mountains in Scotland, the bothy itself is quite high and the peaks themselves are reasonably close together, so the ascent required is reasonable considering that it takes in 6 Munros! A nice circular route! Even though these mountains are remote, the location of the bothy removes any walk-in/walk-out. If you are considering spending any length of time in the Cairngorms, it is worth considering staying in a bothy. Corrour bothy is perhaps the most well-known of all bothies in Scotland and provides good access to the West Cairngorms.
Starting from Corrour Bothy at NN 981958, head West following the stream up Coire Odhar to reach the col, turn left (optionally) for a short walk up to the summit of Devil's point(1h15m)
Drop back down to the col before continuing on up the ridge. Go over the subsidiary summit following the ridge round until you get to Cairn Toul(2h30m). Go directly West before turning slightly to the North when you get to the col to reach the summit of Sgor an Lochain Uaine(2h45m).From here it is a long way round to the summit of Braeriach, it is only 2km to the North! Head initially SWW following the cliff edge round past the Falls of Dee and then finally on to the summit!(4h30m) If you don't feel up to the full length of this route you can drop back down to the Lairig Ghru here and return to Corrour Bothy.
From here you need to get round to the vicinity of Loch nan Stuirteag, ideally to 938958, there are a couple of different ways, but no path either way. Either make your way back to the Falls of Dee, follow the stream up to Wells of Dee, continue onwards and down the other side, when the gradient eases, turn left, and follow the contours round. Alternatively make your back along the ridge to the lowpoint at 946975, go SW and follow the stream down. From the highpoint above Loch nan Stuirteag, you then have a couple hundred metres of ascent to make the summit of Monadh Mor(6h), note that there are 2 summits, the most northern one is the high point.
From here make your way South skirting round the South summit and drop down to the col at 947927, there is a path to this point from the summit. It is then a short walk to the summit of Beinn Bhrotain(7h) to reach your 6th Munro for the day!
To get back down to the bothy, drop back down the col at 946975 where you've just come from. It's a bit steep at the top, but it's fairly easy to get down from here and drop down to Glen Geusachan. There is not a bridge across Geusachan burn so try to cross as high as you can, you may get wet feet, especially if there has been a lot of rainfall recently! Make your way across eastwards round the head of Devil's point and back to Corrour Bothy.
Staying at Corrour bothy really is the best way to do these mountains. The long walk-in/walk-out would make the day just too long. Last time I was at Corrour they were doing a lot of work on it, I believe now it even has a permanent toilet! If you do decide to stay there, please be aware and considerate of the environment you are in.
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