Tarmachan ridge

7.8 miles, 924 metres of ascent
Estimated time: 4h15m
The Tarmachan ridge is one of the finest ridge walks in the area and although it only takes in the one Munro, if you're in the area, it should be on your list of walks to do. To get to the start, go past the visitor centre and on the left is a small track that leads over the river, there is parking on both sides of the river here.
Walk along the track for a few hundred yards until you get to a clear path that branches up the mountainside. When you get to the nose of the ridge, it will turn to the right to make it's way up the ridge. This path takes you all the way to the summit, and you shouldn't have any problems in following it.(1h30m)
If you're only interested in doing the Munro, then you should now descend down by the same route. Otherwise, continue along the ridge! There are 4 other tops on this ridge and there is a clear path across all of them. The ridge is a little narrow down from Meall Garbh and falls quite steeply, so take care if the rocks are wet.
When you get to the fourth top(2h30m) at 563377, make your way back along the ridge to the last col and drop down off the ridge to the South-East, your aim is to pick up either of the two tracks that are down there, they both take you round the bottom and back to your starting point. If you didn't want to do the whole ridge, but only a shorter section, there are numerous opportunities to drop down to these tracks.
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