Carn an Tuirc, Cairn of Claise, Tolmount, Tom Buidhe, Glas Maol, and Creag Leacach from Glen Shee Ski Centre

18.0 miles, 1164 metres of ascent
Estimated time: 8h
With the Glen Shee Ski Centre being so high up, it really is an ideal opportunity to pick up a lot of Munros in one outing. There are six Munros on this route, and you're not going to get an easier day than this with six Munros.
Start from the Ski Centre car park at 139781. Pick your way up among the chairlifts and ski tows to make your way to Meall Odhar at 156773. You don't want to make your way up to Glas Maol(yet), but instead skirt round the side and make your way directly to Creag Leacach(1h30m).Go back the way you came, this time making your way to the summit of Glas Maol (2h15m).
Initially make your way North before turning to the East when you get to the flat ground to make your way to the summit of Tom Buidhe (3h45m).
Tolmount is now just a short hop to the North, it's probably best not to take the most direct route, but instead go in a more North-Westerly direction before turning to ascend to the summit of Tolmount (4h).
You'll now have to have to make your way South-West for a short distance before turning Westward to make your way across the plateau and over to the summit of Carn an Tuirc(5h15m).
Head Eastward for a kilometre to get to the col at 183803, from here go directly Southwards up the gradual slope to get to the summit of Cairn of Claise(5h45m).
Unfortunately the only real way back down to the car park is to go back over Glas Mor and down the way you originally came up, but the re-ascent is fairly minimal so it shouldn't take you too long! There are a couple of variations you could do on this route, it would be a better route if you started from the carpark North of the Ski Centre at 144806, and finished at the carpark to the South at 140758, or vice-versa.
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