Carn an Tuirc, Cairn of Claise, Tom Buidhe and Tolmount from Glen Clunie

12.1 miles, 887 metres of ascent
Estimated time: 5h30m
All of the mountains in this area are very accessible, there is a little bit of distance to cover to get over to Tolmount and Tom Buidhe, but your starting altitude makes this a shorter day than if it were anywhere else.
Start from the car park a few miles North of the Glen Shee Ski centre at 144806. Follow the river on the East side of the river up the valley until you get to the footbridge at 148800, from here the path turns to the East to head up Carn an Tuirc. The path doesn't take the direct route but instead passes underneath the scree so that you approach the summit from the North(1h45m).
There are couple of ways you can choose to do the other 3 summits, but we shall go for Cairn of Claise next. Head Eastward for a kilometre to get to the col at 183803, from here go directly Southwards up the gradual slope to get to the summit of Cairn of Claise (2h30m). That surely has to be the absoulute minimum amount of re-ascent needed for both summits to qualify as two seperate Munros!
This next section will be tricky in poor visibility conditions without a GPS, you will need to go East for a couple of kilometres to get to the summit of Tom Buidhe at 214788(3h15m).
Tolmount is now just a short hop to the North, it's probably best not to take the most direct route, but instead go in a more North-Westerly direction before turning to ascend to the summit of Tolmount(3h45m).
The most direct route back now is to go back over the summit of Carn an Tuirc and back down the way you came up, you'll have to go South-West for a small distance before turning in a more Westwardly direction. Alternatively, you can make your way to the vicinity of 169780 and make your way down from there over Sron na Gaoithe, if you're going to do this, you may want to do Tolmount first and then Tom Buidhe.
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