Beinn Mheadhoin from Aviemore.

11.4 miles, 1427 metres of ascent
Estimated time: 6h15m
Beinn Mheadoin is a very difficult mountain to get to, and you have two choices, you can etiher go from Aviemore Ski Centre, and face a walk practically over Cairngorm mountain, or you can start from Linn of Dee and have a long walk-in/walk-out along Glen Derry. My preferred route is from Aviemore.
Start from the Ski centre at 989061, follow the track/path alongside the funicular railway until you get to just above the half-way point. From here there is a path that heads off to the right and up Fiacaill a' Choire Chais to reach just short of the Cairngorm summit. You can alternatively go up directly East from the Ski Centre carpark and then curve round to Ptarmigan, it is then a short trip to the summit of Cairngorm mountain, I wouldn't advise this though as there is already enough ascent in this route!
From the original route, drop directly down the other side, it gets a bit steep as you get to the bottom, but the path is good. Just before you reach the bottom itself a path branches away to the right and makes it's way to the head of the Loch. Pick your way over the river which is difficult at the best of times and make your way back up the other side, again, there is a clear path. Make your way to Loch Etchachan (again, is a great place to camp in good weather if you fancy it!) Follow the clear path up the side and then over the fairly open summit plateau to finally reach the high-point of Beinn Mheadhoin(3h15m). On the summit is a granite tor structure, if you go round the back to the North side there is an easy scramble to get up it(it looks quite difficult from the side you approach it, but don't worry, you haven't trekked all this way to face an E5 pitch to get to the summit!)
The only real way back now is to reverse the outbound route, it isn't too long, but there is a fair amoung of re-ascent! Are you sure you don't fancy camping by Loch Etchachan...?
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