Ben Macdui

Height:1309 m
4295 ft
Ben Macdui sits right in central Cairngorms. It's height and distance from any reasonable starting point makes completing Ben Macdui a long day out whichever way you do it. It is either possible to start/finish at Derry Lodge to the South-East and combine it with Derry Cairngorm and Carn a'Mhaim. But there is also high plateau joining it to Cairngorm mountain to the North, there isn't really an easy way to make this in to a circular route though, so you would have to realistically do it as an out and back.
Route nameDistanceAscentMountains covered
Ben Macdui circular from Linn of Dee20.3 miles1462mCarn a'Mhaim
Derry Cairngorm
Ben Macdui
Ben Macdui direct route from Linn of Dee17.7 miles1111mBen Macdui
CairnGorm Mountain and Ben Macdui from Aviemore.10.8 miles942mBen Macdui
Cairn Gorm
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