Sgorr nam Fiannaidh

Height:967 m
3173 ft
The bulk of Sgorr nam Fiannaidh forms the Western end of the dramatic Aonach Eagach ridge. The Aonach Eagach, literally meaning 'the notched ridge' dominates the Northern end of Glen Coe and is well known as being an excellent scramble. Should you have an aversion to scrambling, Meall Dearg and Sgorr nam Fiannaidh can be both be ascended seperately without getting in to any tricky scrambling; all the difficult scrambling is on the ridge linking the two.
The traverse is usually done from East to West, doing it this way leaves you having to find your way down from Sgorr nam Fiannaidh. My preferred way down is to travel 100 yards to the West and pick up a path South directly down to the A82. There is a path here, but it's very loose, and very steep, a lot of care and time is required. A popular option is to carry on to the West summit and drop down to the Clachaig Inn, but this route is even steeper, and equally as loose, not recommended. The third option is to follow the ridge further again until you reach the col with the Pap of Glen Coe before turning West, but this is much longer.
Route nameDistanceAscentMountains covered
Meall Dearg and Sgorr nam Fiannaidh from Glen Coe (Aonach Eagach)3.3 miles1010mMeall Dearg
Sgorr nam Fiannaidh
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