Sgurr a'Ghreadaidh

Height:973 m
3189 ft
Sgurr a'Ghreadaidh and it's nearest neighbour Sgurr a'Mhadaidh are two easier Munros on the main Cuillin ridge. Access is from Glen Brittle and up to the col between the two mountains. Once on the ridge there is some scrambling, nothing too difficult, but there are a couple of sections where less confident scramblers will prefer the security offered by a rope.
There are sections on the main Cuillin ridge where the compass becomes unreliable due to local variations in the magnetic field; take care with your map reading.
Route nameDistanceAscentMountains covered
Sgurr a' Mhadaidh and Sgurr a' Ghreadaidh from Glen Brittle5.8 miles1046mSgurr a'Mhadaidh
Sgurr a'Ghreadaidh
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