Ben Challum [Beinn Challuim]

Height:1025 m
3363 ft
Ben Challum is partially isolated as Munro, it is possible to combine it with Beinn Heasgarnich and Creag Mhor to the North-East, but it does make for a long day out in the mountains. Alternatively it is also possible to combine it with two other Corbetts and make a pleasant horseshoe out of the day. Ben Challum is mostly a rounded mountain from all sides except for the North where it falls off sharply down to Allt Challum. Otherwise it is left as a half-day from Strath Fillan.
Route nameDistanceAscentMountains covered
Ben Challum from Strath Fillan6.8 miles998mBen Challum [Beinn Challuim]
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